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Product Showcase

Product Showcase

✨ Productivity Hacks

A complete toolkit for productivity

More than just a repository, we offer tools to assist with data.

SQL to diagram

Visualize SQL relationships into lineage flow and ER diagram. Learn more

Fix anti-patterns SQL

Automatically validate and suggest best practices. Learn more

Don't repeat yourself

Stop writing the same query for the 10th time. Make it reusable and sharable.

Share public query

Invite quest; anyone with link can view your query.

Query parameters

Place parameters in an SQL query instead of a constant value.

Place params in a SQL query instead of a constant value.

Search through code

Save time with advanced search; deep filtering with multiple tags

Save time with advanced search; filtering with multiple tags

Collections and categories

Find specific queries quickly and easily, preventing clutter.

Multiple views mode

Diverse view options to different workflows and features.

Track change history without using Git

Forget Git fatigue: version control made simple. Track every edit, compare versions, and revert to previous changes. Learn more

Visualize SQL as ER diagrams

Quick view of complex queries. No more manual SQL diagramming! Generate accurate ER diagrams in seconds. Learn more

Collaborative workspace

Invite unlimited members. Plus, each members can upgrade their account individually.

Consistency is key: contribution chart keeps you on track

Monitor your daily activity, and never miss a beat. Manage your to-dos, and keep track of your latest queries - all in one place.

A Second-brain for SQL