Design Updates: Multi-views & Double-layered Sidebar

How our design reflects evolving SaaS trends. Some common design patterns for SaaS apps:

Nov 29, 2023

Nov 29, 2023


👋 Hi, It's Poom, and welcome to Datascale - your SQL productivity app. It's to help you organize your saved queries for your next data project 🌱. Thoughts? let’s chat on LinkedIn or Twitter 🎉

Behind DataScale's Design Update:

How our design reflects evolving SaaS trends

Some common design patterns for SaaS apps:

🔸 Multi-view navigation: allows users to switch between different views of their data, such as a list view, a grid view, or a calendar view.

🔸 Double-layered sidebar: separates the navigation menu from the main content area of the app, and helps reduce clutter.

Why the Change?

To enhance the usability of Datascale and to align our interface with widely-recognized design elements.


Our Design Updates:
1. Multiple Views

Taking inspiration from productivity giants like Notion, ClickUp, and Linear, I'm planning on having a multiple views navigation system. This allows for diverse view options to different workflows and features.

2. Double Layered Sidebar

To create a clear distinction between sections. This is a departure from our old design, which lacked background separation. With this update, it makes each section and tool stands out.


We're excited about the new design updates in Datascale.

These changes will make Datascale be able to support more functionality for new coming up features.💥


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